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All artwork was designed by a close friend of the Bard Mythologies team. Each piece brilliantly captures the emotion and meaning of a mythical archetype. Printed on high-quality paper and robustly package, prints are the ideal gift for you or a friend. Keep your Irish mythological character with you forever!

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For over 20 years Bard Mythologies has been providing original mythic content in the form of stories, essays, character profiles, videos and podcasts. When you purchase something from our Shop, not only are you getting a brilliant product, your're ensuring that we can keep producing great content for years to come.

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Liath Print

Liath Print

Liath Luachra was a great warrior woman with a fierce spirit and the steadfast heart of a warrior. She lived in the mountains with Bodhmall, a druidess. Liath was not the marrying kind, preferring Bodhmall's company, but she took in Bodhmall's nephew Demne to raise from infancy.

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Macha Print

Macha was an Irish war goddesss, strongly linked to the land. Macha was the wife of Crunniuc. She, was thought to be one aspect of the triple death-goddess, the Morrigan (the Great Queen or Phantom Queen), consisting of Macha Raven, Badb Scald Crow or Coiling, and Nemain Battle Furey Macha is associated with both horses and crows. They often appeared at the scene of a battle disguised as a raven or other bird, and took a decisive role in the battle. There were three elements in Macha: the first was the maternal reproductive part, the second the agrarian element and the third was the element of sexual fertility. All three parts combined to form a mother goddess figure based on war and fertility.

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Macha Print
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